Blow Moulded Water Storage Tanks

Blow Moulded Water Storage Tanks

Extrusion Blow moulding is a unique process where High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is melted and extruded through an accumulator. The resulted hollow tube is called the parison. The parison goes into the mould and high pressure air is blown into the mould which is water cooled. The molten plastic then takes the shape of design of the mould.

The process of extrusion blow moulding dates back to the 1940’s when the first blow moulding machine was produced. Till the year 2008 the blow moulding machines were available to make small sized articles upto a capacity of 220 Litres. But very recently these machines can make parts upto a size as big as 10000 litres.

We have installed state of the art blow moulding machines to manufacture water storage tanks ranging from 200 Litres upto the size of 2000 Litres. These tanks are available in 2 Layers, 3 Layers & 4 layers .

All our blow moulded tanks have U.V Protective layer to prevent water from overheating harmful effects of the sun. The tanks are made from Virgin High density polyethylene and special additive masterbatch to impart special properties to the tank with distinctive look. These tanks are virtually unbreakable due to its material and ribbed design and come with unique threaded lid for extra safety.

Dimensions of Blow moulded Water Storage Tanks

Capacity (Liters) Overall Diameter (mm) Overall Height (mm) Manhole Diameter (mm)
200 635 740 430
300 740 850 430
500 850 1030 430
750 975 1170 430
1000 1100 1220 430
2000 1380 1540 430

Prince Vs Others

Parameters Prience Water Tanks Others Water Tanks
Even & Uniform wall Thickness
Higher Weight to Strength Ratio
Container does not crack when dropped from a certain height
Consistency in product quality
Hightly energy efficient process
Hightly tolerance product

Tank Selection Guide

Tank selection guide as per CPHEEO (Central Health & Environmental Engineering Organization), Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India, average water consumption per person in India is around 135 liters per day. This basis is even being folllowed by leading organizations such as UNICEF and WHO. According to this esimate, we have prepared a tank selection guide which is useful in deciding the size of the tank while making purchage.

2 Persons 500 LITERS
3-4 Persons 750 LITERS
5 Persons 1000 LITERS
More than 5 Persons 2000 LITERS

Instructions for Installation

  1. Install tank on flat level giving full buttom support.
  2. Do not drag tank on rough surface.
  3. Do not use hammer & chisel for holes in the tank. Instead use a dril.
  4. Do not leave the lid of the tank open.

PRINCE 10 Years Waranty

Terms & conditions of Guarantee

  1. The warranty is valid only if the tank is installed and used stricly as per instruction enclosed.
  2. No warranty for accessories( Lids & Hinges etc.)
  3. Replacement warranty : Free within one year from purchase date. After one year, a handling charge of Rs. 1.50 per liter or depreciation @10%
    per annum, whichever is higher will be charged. The warranty is valid only if the tank is sent to the nearest dealer freight paid along with the warranty card duly filled and stamped by the dealer and original purchase bill.
  4. The tanks are not warranted for mishandling / miscarriage by the customer or for any losses arising out of environmental, climatic or other conditions.
  5. The warranty is not valid if the tanks are used for storage of liquids other than other.
  6. No claim will be honoured without this warrantee card and original purchase Bill / invoice.

*Specifications may change without notice