PVC Garden Pipes PVC Tubings

PVC Garden Pipes/ PVC Tubings

TOPCON PVC Tubings are manufactured on latest extruders with double screw technology which ensures better product quality at affordable cost. TOPCON PVC Tubings are available in a wide range which is probably the largest in India and comparable to world standards. We also specialize in customizing the product according to market need.

Distinct Advantages of TOPCON Tubings Over Other Tubings.

1.Wide range which ensures product availability at every price point.
2.Durable yet affordable.
3.Custom made solutions available.
4.Extensive brand building & marketing support.
5.Dealer network throughout India.
6.First branded product in this segment in India.
7.Attractive and easy to handle packaging.

Application Of TOPCON Tubings

1.TOPCON Tubings can be used in homes, factories, offices etc for transportation of water.
2.TOPCON Tubings are used for gardening purposes.
3.TOPCON Tubings are used by farmers for minor irrigation purposes.
4.TOPCON Tubings can be used for a variety of other applications such as transportation of fuel, mild chemicals etc.

Flexon PVC Tubings

Flexon Pvc tubings are manufactured by using the latest technogies from the world over. They are more economical than Topcon brand Pvc tubings and yet the quality is better than other similar types of tubings that are available in the market.